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Exploring During Winter Break

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Students rock climbing during winter break. thumbnail255588
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Students rock climbing during winter break. thumbnail255590
Students in the MHS Young Explorers Club chose to use their winter break wisely as they participated in inspiring club activities intended to enhance their bodies and minds.

First on the vacation agenda was rock climbing at Island Rock in Plainview. The students learned that getting to top requires not only strength and balance, but strategy and focus. All the students were able to rise to the challenge and reach the top of the wall.

The group also visited Sagamore Hill in Oyster Bay, the home of President Theodore Roosevelt. Students took a guided tour of the home, explored the grounds and visited the museum where they viewed artifacts from Roosevelt’s life and presidency.

The Young Explorers Club offers students the opportunity to learn, grow and engage in unique experiences all year long, including kayaking trips, museums, hikes and more.

Date Added: 2/28/2024

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