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Pupil Personnel Services

Rebecca Gottesman, Director of School Counseling, K -12

Our aim is to plan and develop curriculum to address all of the of the developmental pathways of children; provide global recommendations to work with the 504 Committees, Instructional Support Teams, Committee of Special Education and the Board of Education, integrating child development principals into the functioning of all school activities; provide individual schoolteachers with strategies for managing positive interaction with children; train school personnel in providing a variety of child-development, mental and physical health services; coordinate and supervise the work of outside agencies providing services within the school setting.


Malverne High School  
Dr. Vincent Romano Principal
Ms. Kesha Bascombe Assistant Principal
Mr. Chris Brescia  Dean of Student Services
Ms. Colleen Henehan Guidance Secretary
Ms. Donna Bailey School Counselor
Ms. Nicole Beauford School Counselor
Mr. Peter Cersbeck School Counselor
Ms. Yuisa Colon Psychologist
Mr. Joseph Aquino Social Worker
Ms. Michelle McLeod Nurse
Howard T. Herber Middle School  
Mr. Daniel Nehlsen Principal
Mr. James Miller Assistant Principal
Ms. AnnMarie Henderson School Counselor
Ms. Laura Pulitano
School Counselor
Ms. Arminda DaSilva Psychologist
Mr. Randie Bauman-Rema
Social Worker
Ms. Wendy Jansen Nurse
Maurice W. Downing Elementary
Mr. Edward Tallon Principal
Ms. Ann Marie Henderson School Counselor
Ms. Amanda LoSchiavo Psychologist
Mr. Ralph DiFiore Psychologist
Ms. Jamie Carter-Jorif Social Worker
Ms. Tanisha Agatep Nurse
Davison Avenue Elementary School
Ms. Rachel Gross  Principal
Mr. Stephen Benfante Assistant Principal
Mr. Michael Bralla Psychologist
Ms. Martine Laventure Social Worker
Ms. Candelario Nurse