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Poet Laureates Announced

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The Humanities Department and Malverne High School are proud to announce the first Malverne High School Poet Laureates.

Niles Wilson and Brian McAleese are both seniors and will be honoring us with their original poetry at events throughout the rest of the year. They have earned this honor through the creation of digital poetry portfolios that highlighted not only their poetic range, but their familiarity with multiple genres such as free verse, sonnet, villanelle, and ode. Additionally, students were asked to reflect on their writing and ideas top accompany each original piece. These two students exemplify the introspection, intelligence and creative ability befitting the title of a Poet Laureate.

We congratulate them and look forward to their musings as they become not only the voices of the Malverne Union Free School District, but the voices of their generation. They will be performing an original piece at the district MLK Celebration and other functions throughout the year.

Date Added: 1/5/2023

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