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Mindful Mules Calm Center

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Malverne High School has debuted a space where students can seek a few moments of quiet, mindful refuge from their hectic daily schedule.

Located by the library, the new Calm Center is a room where students can decompress or meditate without disruptions. The room includes a variety of stress balls and tactile toys, as well as materials for writing, drawing and coloring. Currently, the Calm Center is open during lunch periods only and is only accessible to students who have taken the required Mindfulness course.

Sophomores Gabrielle Augustin and Nathaly Uribe were among the first students to take part in the training course. Both have found the Calm Center helpful to relax and recenter themselves during the school day and have also used the breathing techniques they learned when faced with daunting exams, difficult decisions and stress outside of school. Both believe that the mindfulness practices will benefit them in the future, including for college and job interviews. 

The next Mindful Mules Certification Course, taught by Mr. Mach, is coming up on January 14th. The 6-hour course includes meditation and breathing techniques and a group discussion about methods to better handle stressful situations in our daily lives.
High school students can click this link to enroll:

Date Added: 12/19/2022